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Agenda Multisoft is a complete application with which you will be able to organize various different things like your telephone book, appointments, notes, accounts, etc...

The program is organised in various independent tools but all of them integrated in the same interface:

- Diary: Write your daily comments and set notices to remember pending tasks.
- Notebook: create free notices ordered according to their title so the searches are easy.
-Card Holder: saves addresses, telephone numbers, etc and prints visiting cards with that information.
- Pending tasks: controls the tasks you have to do.
- Reminder: establishes alarms so you never forget important dates or appointments inserted previously.
- Accounting: controls expenses and personal or professional income.
- Telephone: marks with a modem any telephone saved previously.
- Calculator: currency converter and memory functions.

All of this developed in a simple and quite intuitive interface which won´t be a problem even for the newest users of computer applications.
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